Photo Eyes Productions, LLC

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Ellen has had a life long passion for photography. For many years, she has pursued it heavily while she traveled around the world with her husband, John. Her philosophy can best be summed up by the quote “Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.” Ellen has explored Australia, Greece, Turkey, England, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands as well as the United States. She likes to apply her graphic design eye to finding interesting subjects that are bold and graphic. Plus she spends time off the beaten track, finding the intricate patterns of nature. She takes great pride in capturing the perfect photograph without relying on the use of the computer to enhance the images. Ellen has worked in the graphics field of Advertising and Printing for 35 years. Published in Islands magazine as well as having many corporate clients who have used her photos. 

In 2008, Ellen launched A unique greeting card company with creative photographic cards for the holidays and all year long which are inspired by the beach. John works as the CFO, Chief Folding Officer, working in the Production aspect of the company as well as the head of Sales.


Welcome to Ellen's Beach Inspired World of Photography Which Comforts the Soul and Makes You Want to Be There